About Us

Mission & Vision

Egyptian Steel Vision Statement

Raising the benchmark of the steel industry and becoming a leading player in Egypt and the MENA region.


Egyptian Steel Mission Statement

Utilizing the state-of-art, eco-friendly technologies and fulfilling our employees highest potential of professional development to deliver organizational excellence in a safe environment and achieve sustainable growth that ensures long-life customer relationships as well as optimizing the return to our community and stakeholders.

Core Values

Egyptian Steel strategies are supported by a chain of core values that drive the Group decisions and behavior and set a standard of excellence, transparency and accountability that rewards our stakeholders including customers, employees and business partners.

•  Industry : Pursuing world-leading technologies and manufacturing capabilities;

•  Quality : Striving for first class standards;

•  Business : We uphold the highest ethical standards, emphasizing on integrity and reliability in our business actions with all stakeholders.

•  Safety and Environment : It is our principle – pushing forward the green steel business concept.

•  Community : We value the opportunity and responsibility to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. It is our contribution to the society that define our existence.

•  People : We build upon our talented and professional workforce.

Our Scope

 • Steel Manufacturing

At Egyptian Steel, we aim to introduce new technologies through our new projects, ranging from preheated scrap charging systems to molding units. These new technologies have proven their success all over the world in increasing productivity, optimizing scrap utilization, and energy saving.
Egyptian Steel ensures that all its products meet international standards. Furthermore, the Group is adding new dimensions to its production lines to increase market competence. All of this will be achieved under the supervision of one of the top technology providers in the world.

 • Rolling Steel

The method of infinite rolling provides a good example on how to save energy and increase scrap efficiency while producing a product that meets

international quality standards in mechanical properties. Concerning already established projects, development efforts focus on reducing production

costs through applying the latest effective technologies in energy saving and increasing production. Moreover, additional equipment is added to help

manufacture new measurements in order to increase market competence. All of this will be achieved under the supervision of leading companies in the field.

We believe in:

• Producing safe, innovative and progressive steel.

• The fact that steel is everywhere in our lives which makes it the key driver of Egypt’s economy.

• “Green Economy” - therefore we adopt a sustainable steel production approach with an eye on long-term conservation of fundamental resources for future generations.

• “Our life cycle” style of thinking, which portrays new solutions for a new generation of steel.