Egyptian Steel

Chairman’s Message

The development and advancement of the steel industry in Egypt is regarded as one of the top priorities of Egyptian Steel, especially rebars, whose production and consumption rates are key indicators of the Egyptian economy. Egyptian Steel has a group of technical experts who have a clear vision for the mission on hand. We constantly search for the best global technologies available, in order for our factories to reach the best production quality and achieve economical production values adjacently, in addition to our investment in our Research and Development Department - which is crucial in our company and has a substantial portion of our budget. This stems from our deep trust that both development and research stand as integral components in maintaining the company's present and future success.
Revitalizing the Egyptian economy is mainly based on our will to work and produce. Once this will is available we can work towards the objective of securing investments necessary to achieve growth. This is why we have kept our will to develop the steel industry in Egypt and with mutual trust with our partners we will be able to cultivate resources, projects and new investments.
The objective of the current phase for Egyptian Steel is to reach a market share of 20% in the Egyptian steel market, with the ability to export quality products to various markets around the globe. This market share will put Egyptian Steel among the leading rebar manufacturers in Egypt.
Finally, our faith in will power, determination, and dedication is the main principle that unifies our staff and company. We also hope to contribute to social justice and be part of the great change of our beloved country.