Egyptian Steel

Chairman’s Message

Steel consumption is considered worldwide as a measurement unit of economic growth. Therefore, we at Egyptian Steel Group are determined to be a substantial power in the growth of Egypt’s economy.

Our group recruits the best calibers in all fields, technical experts, engineers, finance, operations, HR, IT, marketing, communications, and sales. We are also constantly searching for the best global technologies available, for our plants to reach the best production quality and achieve economical production values adjacently.

Combining an excellent work force with state-of-the-art technologies is the success formula that has enabled Egyptian Steel Group to expand, reaching four steel plants with a total production capacity of approximately 2.3 million tons per year while maintaining our pledge to being eco-friendly, energy saving and always having a positive impact on the communities where our plants exist. Since its establishment in 2010, Egyptian Steel Group has grown to become the largest manufacturer of green steel in the world. 

 Revitalizing the Egyptian economy is on our top priority list. Setting a positive example of a successful flourishing business will encourage investors, strengthen the industrial sector and will increase exports; hence strengthen our economy by securing investments necessary for growth.  The objective of the current phase for Egyptian Steel is to reach a market share of 20% in the Egyptian steel market, with the ability to export quality products to various markets around the globe. 
Finally, our faith in willpower, determination, and dedication are the main principles that unify our staff and company. Meanwhile, we have not forgotten our role towards the civil society and our vital contribution to improving the lives of Egyptians.

Our CSR program is one of the strongest in Egypt, and it has led to positive changes in the lives of thousands of Egyptians, and we will continue with our programs until we see substantial improvement in our beloved country.