Egyptian Steel

Egyptian Steel Strategic Objectives

Efficient production of approximately 781 K tons of rebar with a minimum yield of 96.2% for Alexandria, 98.4% for Beni Suef & 94% for Port Said, 96.2% (wire rod), 95% (rebar) at Alexandria Plant.
Marketing & Sales:                  
Realizing 8% market share with a focus on Upper Egypt and positioning Egyptian Steel as the best product quality and excellent customer service provider.
Enhance our brand recognition and ensure customers’ full awareness of the Group’s different products’ range & echo-friendly/green technology
Efficiency & Cost Optimization:
Efficient resources utilization through the adoption of an ERP system to rationalize corporate spending and improve operating margins.
Human Capital:
Find, select, recruit, develop and retain the best calibers in the market using professional assessment, development & training tools.
Corporate Social Responsibility:  
Serve the communities where Egyptian Steel Operates and other underdeveloped areas in alignment with the National vision through the active engagement in CSR activities
Good Governance:
Adopt World class Corporate Governance practices to protect the rights of the shareholders and other stakeholders and to facilitate the Group access to the capital market.

Promote operational excellence across all functions through continuous business process improvement.