Rebar Products Delivery Conditions:

1. Rebar products of Egyptian Steel ranges between 8.0 to 32 mm in normal diameter, conforming different international standards and grades (overview given above).

2. Upon agreement with customer, rebar can be manufactured with other chemical composition and mechanical properties.

3. The rebar with maximum cut length of 12.0m are available from Egyptian Steel.

4. Bundle configuration as bundle weight up to 2 t, rebar 12.0 m long with length tolerance -0/+100 mm is available; (upon agreement with the customer, number of bars in the bundle can be ensured).

5. Bar making should be ensured with international standards guidelines.

6. The products are marked with heat resistant labels containing the following data and shown as insert here.

7. Rebar products are colour coded with respect to size dimension. This is also confirmed at the label with the bundles for easy traceability and customer convenience.

8. Rebar complying welding requirements as well as non-welding requirements can be manufactured at Egyptian Steel.

9. Egyptian Steel products are supplied with Manufacturing Test Certificate ( MTC) complying with international standards including all product related technical information.
Egyptian Steel rebar products qualify to meet local and several international standards where chemical composition and mechanical properties are followed as given in tables below